Top 3 Interview with Spellband

Top 3 of your musical influences and why

Soul - Funky - Disco
The three of them represent our roots, the music we grew up with e and we got our inspirations from, the likes of Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, shaped our music.

Top 3 places you’ve played

Neuhm Napoli - Supperclub Amsterdam - Room 26 Rome

TOP 3 places you’d like to play (and why)

Ibiza - South Africa - UK
We believe South Africa is currently the heaven of afro house music scene, the music movement is huge and dance music is a national culture, so it would just be amazing to play in such an environment with such vibes and enthusiasm, not to mention the incredible inspiration we would get by listening or playing along local djs

Ibiza is where each dj should have a chance to play at least once, we still haven't had the chance to do it but it’s definitely on our radars. When we visit and go clubbing over there the crowd is mixed, colourful and incredibly engaged with the music, that place has its own magic and you can’t help but feel dragged along by it

Uk is the place where styles and trends are dictated, where creativity runs free, in music and all arts alike, and it would be a life changing experience to be able to play in legendary clubs such as Ministry of Sound, as well as in an underground small club or in a loft where many times, unexpectedly, we found the perfect sound or the new up and coming dj that blew us off: just inspiration at every corner.

TOP 3 artists you'd like to work with (and why)

Ron Trent - He is a musical hero, an artist so complete and eclectic that it would would be a great achievement, not to say a honour, for us to spend time in the studio with him.

Joe Claussel - Joe is magic, we respect him as a musician and as a dj, his sets are mesmerising, you can tell he feels his music and he infuses it to the crowd

Louie Vega - We were lucky enough to work with Louie Vega, remixing for Vega Records, but haven’t had the chance to have a studio session with him, which would be amazing, he has been our mentor and inspiration since the beginning of our careers, he is simply a world class artist

TOP 3 records you like to play in your sets Club Lonely (Lil Louis)

Spellband Euphoria (Madhouse Rec) Beth Orton Central Reservation (Ibadan)

TOP 3 reasons people should buy Keep It Up

Our hard work - The amazing voice - The capturing beats

Keep it up is elegant, graceful but strong, Marissa’s beautiful voice just glides through the beats and blends beautifully. It was such a pleasure working with her, we admire her since she worked with Black Coffee on ‘Time to go’. On this track we brought our musical roots into a complex afro beat with some electro deep influences and live instruments (guitars, percussions) 

Top 3 with Alex Finkin

TOP 3 musical influences and why

Classical music cause i was raised by parents who would spend all of their free time listening to romantic music, especially piano works, and also would bring me to the concert at the earliest age.

British pop & rock music from the 60' & 70', cause it was a deep breath in my musical education.  These artists went seeking for new landscapes, new shades, new flavors, and mixed it all up, heroes of their time despite of social & racial restrictions.

R'n'b, Soul, Dance music from the same decades. It was a huge slap in my face, Stevie Wonder, Aretha, Marvin, Donny, Michael, so many i would love to mention. Just loved everything about it, the beats, the harmonies, the melodies, the feeling & the sound of it, everything. I am still struggling to blend in between those 3 major influences in all of my productions


TOP 3 places you’ve visited

Amazon Forest, Shara Desert, The Virgin Islands

TOP 3 places you’d like to play

Japan, West Africa, Ibiza

TOP 3 artists of the moment for you

If i only could answer...

TOP 3 pieces of advice for new musicians

Leave your ego at the door

Work even more

Go listen to all kind of music


TOP 3 records you like to play in your sets

I would list 3 classical tracks we've played at the Djoon for years and that i think would well define what i love about House music they still sound fresh to my ears...

1- Shaun Escoffery - Days Like This (Dj Spinna Remix)

2- Maxwell - Till' The Cops Come Knocking (Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios Remix)

3- Bebe Winans - Thank You (MAW remix)


TOP 3 reasons people should buy I'm Leaving

It's authentic music crafted with love

Vanina (Pietri) has a great voice

If they do buy it, they will support our work and we will produce more in the near future


You can buy 'I'm Leaving' - Alex Finkin ft Vanina Pietri today from Traxsource

Top 3 with Cazz Ear (aka Shaun Samuel)

TOP 3 musical influences and why


Not solely for musical genius, but because, he was one of the first artists to bring Social Consciousness into music and injecting Social Commentary into his songs, where he touched people and gave awareness to the world of the Civil Rights movement in america, much like Martin Luther King did.Many people don’t know that he became paralysed from the neck down in 1990 when some stage equipment fell onto him during a performance, he went on to make music, and had to do that lying down, recording tracks line by line.


Miles I regard as one of the most innovative, influential and respected figures in the history of music, he re-wrote history at least 3 times over and shaped how we all listen to modern music today, if it wasn’t for Miles Davis…we wouldn’t have so many different genres and musical cultures today. The way his music evolved through the decades, showed me how he was always one step ahead of everything and everyone i have ever head, his music was more than just Jazz, it was and is, a spiritual movement, and you can hear how he has influenced sounds even to this day.


My earliest musical memory is sitting the back of of dad’s red Ford Cortina listening to Sade albums on cassette, and to this day, I have never heard a bad Sade song,ever, her musical brilliance has always touched me and legacy stays true through her ever consistent musical style, rather than though fame or good looks. I respect her fusion of styles and the emotive messages through her songs, her music has not only influenced inspires me. I love the way that you will not anything from her, for years and then she pops up with yet another killer album, speaking directly to me through her songs. 

TOP 3 places you’ve visited


It really is the centre of the universe, i felt instantly at home and cried in the taxi on the way back to JFK when i had to leave, the music, food, fashion and the vibrancy and energy of the new yorkers, was what made me fall deeply in love with the city, i would love to live there at one point of my life as i feel that it actually is, that concrete jungle where dreams are made.


I feel Prague is my second home, and when i lived there for just under 5 years, it was the best years of my life so far, the city is so enchanting and beautiful in so many ways, its no co-incidence that so many artists, poets and writers have based themselves there. Its a hub of creativity and innovative thinking, the lifestyle is so laid back and cool, I would recommend everyone to visit there. DJ’ing to the Czech crowds is an absolute joy as they are so open and welcoming, one of the best cities in Europe if not the world. 


Italy Just the natural beauty of the landscape is absolutely breathtaking, being brought up in Yorkshire, you naturally feel there is no other place as beautiful! but that part of Italy, is truly amazing, the weather, food and people are so different to other parts of Italy, I felt instantly that it was a place that I would like to retire in! There is some amazing places to visit and you feel naturally relaxed when travelling around, I also loved my visit Naples, which is an experience in itself, and musically, they love their house music!

TOP 3 places you’d like to play  

1. Shelter, New York

There is no place I have ever been like Shelter in New York. The connection Tinny Regisford has with that crowd I guess is the closest thing to what it must of been like at the Paradise Garage with Larry Levan, the crowd understand the message and feed off the energy through the speakers and you can tell that the DJ's feeding off that mutual energy and vibe. it's emtional and invigorating in a way that I have never ever experienced before. The crowd are so super musically astute and knowledgeable, friendly and I have never seen such expressive dancing ever before.

2. DJOON - Paris

This is the most iconic dance club in the world, with the people who dance there as musically knowledgable as the people who run the club, it is a serious club, with the most loyal music loving crowd on earth. Every detail is in line with what I love and what i stand for…playing at Djoon would be my ultimate dream

3. CAVO PARIDISO - Mykonos, Greece

That club is so special, with it;s outdoor element and the weather, it is a super club in every sense. The after-hours parties in the sunshine look insane and would love the chance to inject some soul through that world famous sound system.

TOP 3 pieces of advice for new musicians 

1. Educate yourself by listening closely to a wide range of music, gain influence from music from all genres and go back in time to listen to the genius of your heroes.

2. Work tirelessly on your craft, by being able to manipulate the tools and machinery available to you. I taught myself by watching Youtube tutorials and still spend hours everyday trying my best to learn new tricks and ways of creating new and unique sounds.

3. Have thick skin. You will always have people telling you that you are no good and what your doing is wrong, but stick to your guns and have faith in your vision. Be relentless in your goals and do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. Do it for yourself and not for the gratification of others or for the adulation. If you are making tracks for the love of music, there is no wrong answer.

TOP 3 words you’d use to describe 'Been Waiting’ 

1. Deep

2. Meaningful

3. Spiritual

'Been Waiting' - Cazz Ear ft Ursula Rucker is OUT NOW on Traxsource

Interview with Ursula Rucker

How did you first get involved in spoken word poetry & music?

Well...I never refer to...or consider what I life..."spoken word"'s a term that makes me cringe, really. It's limiting. Poetry...and poetry with music is best. But anyway...I got started by going to readings/open mics...frequently, in Philly. Then the recording with music began when I recorded my first thing with my homie King Britt in 1994. And I haven't looked back since.

Who would you say are your biggest inspirations?

Awwwwww...I'm in tears answering this question now. Number one, is always, has always been, will always be...Prince. Period. And, of course, my mentor and artist mama, Sonia Sanchez. There are many others who inspire me...but those two are the main constants.

What would you say have been some of the best moments of your career?

Oh wow...far too many. Recording and releasing my very first solo album, Supa Sista, is at the top of that list. What an unforgettable thrill and beginning.

How did you get involved with Cazz Ear (Shaun) in providing the vocal for 'Been Waiting'?

(Laughs) Shaun is so gracious. He hit me up on Facebook. We went back and and on. It was a process. It took time. But I believe in 'divine timing.' All things happen in their own, good time. I'm so glad this has come to full fruition. He is an authentically beautiful being.

What 3 words would you use to describe the track?

Clear, powerful and bangin' ;)

What more can people expect from you in the upcoming months?

Working on my 6th solo album

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to enter the industry?

Do it for the LOVE...not to be in the "industry"

'Been Waiting' - Cazz Ear ft Ursula Rucker is OUT NOW on Traxsource

Interview with Miranda Nicole

How did you first get involved in music?

 I used to dance to music playing in my head growing up, that's how I first got involved in music. My cousins used to tease me about it but here I am and now everyone can hear the music I was hearing for so long. My first released single called 'Kissing You' was released on Global Soul Music with Ian Friday & from there I've released singles just about every year with various producers worldwide.

Who would you say are you biggest musical inspirations?

Some of my inspirations include Aaliyah, Marvin Gaye, & Sade. I learned from Aaliyah that some of us are crooners, from Marvin Gaye that pain a lot of the time is the motivation but if you give it up & let it heal you, great music will materialize, and from Sade that timeless music trumps any ephemeral sensation. 

What would you say have been some of the biggest moments of your career?

 I would've never anticipated all the wonderful experiences in music as I've been afforded. Some highlights would include singing background for Teedra Moses for Essence Music Festival 2012, being in the top 3 Independent Artists, voted for by the people to perform at ONE Music Festival in Atlanta, GA. 2013, & my 1st overseas performance in Beirut, Lebanon at the No. 1 Nightclub in the Middle East. 

How did you get involved with Djeff and creating 'Alright'?

Djeff and I met in Miami at what I believe was the first year of Winter Music Conference for both of us. Fresh faces stand out I suppose, and that gave us a commonplace with one another. So this collaboration was inevitable and right on time! 

What three words would you use to describe the track?

Hopeful. Healing. Honest.

Lastly, what more can people expect from you in the upcoming months?

 In the future people can expect more of the GLAMSOUL Sound, fusing the House vibration with all that is me, musically & creatively. Also, the release of my EP entitled 'Ginger,' & the 1st single off of that EP '86,' this Spring. 

Alright is OUT NOW on Traxsource



My Firsts w/ DjeffAfrozila

FIRST record ever brought (when and where) 

Acapulco - Calientes Tambores, Bimotor, Lisboa, Portugal, 2003

FIRST gig ever attended (when and where) 

Bauhaus, Estoril, Portugal, 2002

FIRST beat (track you created and produced) 

Sara Tavares - One Love (Djeff Afrozila Mix)

FIRST ever gig you played (when and where) 

- Scala, São Pedro do Estoril, Portugal

FIRST word you'd use to describe 'Alright’ 

- Smooth

'Alright' ft Miranda Nicole is OUT NOW on Traxsource

Spotlight: Victor Stancov

Let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Victor Stancov, architect according to my studies, dj / wannabe producer by choice :), i'm currently based in Bucharest, Romania.  

How did he get into music?

My first contact with music was through my parents who from an early age introduced me to the likes of Peter Gabriel and the early Genesis, Yes, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis and more.

By the time i entered high school i was listening to all sorts of music, and then the rapture occurred, i was handed out a cd which had a Derrick May set on it, and that's what basically changed my whole perspective about music. a few years later i found myself having a big selection of tunes and i thought that it would be appropriate for me to start sharing my musical taste with other people.

When i got into college i got my first pair of cdjs and a mixer, and that where it all started. producing came as an extension, it gave me the opportunity to make small edits of tracks that i wanted to play out loud, but were lacking some hats, or maybe needed a more punchy kick etc.

After that i started making my own things, and then one day, i got a message from Zepherin Saint via an unknown social network that we all use (laughs) asking me for a remix.. and that's how i got in touch with Tribe. 

About his EP

My Think Twice EP started out as all of my projects start, mainly as pure random fun in my bedroom studio ( yes, i work from a so called "bedroom studio"), when i was finished playing i had some ideas that i thought would work together, and apparently they did.

Production wise i'm very inspired by two UK labels, owned by this really nice guy called Jimpster, the labels in question being FREERANGE RECORDS and DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR, mainly the more loopy earlier stuff.

What can you expect from him

Hopefully some more releases this year :) 

Fun Fact 

I am a sneakerhead. Other than that i am very dull person.

P.S. Star Wars for Life

'Think Twice' EP is out now on Traxsource

Spotlight: Bruthas

Spotlight : Bruthas

How did you get involved with Tribe Trax?

I've been a big fan of tribe since the start and really love their philosophy. Tribe Trax outlet really suits my sound so when Zepherin (Saint) asked to sign 'Don't Wait Up' I couldn't say no.

What was your process in putting the track together?

I'm a drums man so tend to start with the percussion. I then throw in loads of sounds and layers then strip it back to find the perfect groove. Once I have that I then work on the arrangement and start to add automation. When creating I gain influences from all around me normally how I feel or what I've been listening that help shape the music I make. 

Bruthas is a melting pot of genres. I try to mix the music I love in to one art form. It's a mix of Afro house, techno and deep house. 

What would you say are your influences?

Off the top of my head I’d say musical , Culoe De Song, Dixon, Aunite Flo, Fela, Manoo, Carl Craig non-musical the Sun.

An interesting fact about yourself

I love to eat jelly.

'Don't Wait Up' is out now on Traxsource

Top 3 with Souldynamic


TOP 3 influences

At the moment we’re going very deep into our music spirits, we’re influenced by every single thing is around us, nature, people, family, lovers. To be honest we’re listening to many different music styles and 3 it’s not easy to tell you the 3 main influences we have.

TOP 3 places you’ve visited

1: For sure the best place we’ve visited to dj is Southport Weekender in Butlins (Minehead UK). SPW is one of the biggest indoor place dedicated to our music, we never seen something like that in our young career. More than 6000 dancers all in one place to join Soul, R&B, House, Soulful House, Afro music with such a huge dis and live artists line up. One word: unbelievable.

2: We love London. It’s a place able to inspire us every time that we go, the vibe there is very special for us.

3: Croatia, a pristine country at the origins of its incredible future. We’ve been in Ibiza sever times but we truly believe Croatia will soon take its place for real underground music travellers who are looking for something more with music festivals. This year will be the 7th time we’ll join SuncéBeat, we never get tired of it and we’re always very excited to dj there.

TOP 3 artists of the moment for you

One of the artists of the moment for usis without doubt Ron Trent,  we love the eclecticism that he puts in every track. He’s a complete artist who takes, with great skill, the right inspirations and influences from opposing musical worlds.. This is his great potential.

Louie Vega, need of other words? Just saying, his new album is probably the best existing ‘house music opera’ on the earth.

Also there are different names that are doing really well , like Black Coffee, Djeff Afrozila, Karizma, Boddhi Satva , Atjazz, Glenn Underground.. Why? Because they making great music!

TOP 3 places you’d like to play

One of our next goal is to dj in South Africa. There’s a lot excitement around the house music scene there and we realized they are following every single release we do. Can’t really wait to go!

Berlin. Musically and artistically speaking, it is a place where DJ’s , artists, stylists are experimenting a lot, we think we soon need to go there, absolutely, to do this innovative and exciting experience.

Japan. It is a country that has always fascinated us. We performed in Asia several times, but Japan is a destination that we still have to put in our 'palmares’.

TOP 3 reasons you got into the industry

Because we always desired to transmute into reality all the musical ideas and inspirations we have in our minds! Because we want to do a job that allow us to do experiences outside the normal life and to grow better inside our souls with a different vision of the world around us. Now,with this job, we have the opportunity to tell something different and interesting to future generations. Because there is nothing better than transform your greatest passion into a real job.

3 words you'd use to describe Lato B

Different, groove, rhythm.

'Lato B' is out now on Traxsource

Top 3 with Infinite Boys


TOP 3 main reasons you got into music

We still believe music was a calling since birth, growing up we were inspired by the likes of Oskido, Louie Vega, Black Coffee. 


TOP 3 places you’d like to play

1. Ibiza is on top of the list, that’s every DJ/producer’s dream
2. London, we hear Tribe Records Parties [that side] are out of this world
3. Anywhere in Africa, just to represent our culture and roots

TOP 3 pieces of advice for new musicians

Respect, Passion and Love for your craft






Top 3 w/ Jose Marquez


TOP 3 influences and why?


1. The Latin and Afro-Caribbean/Tropical music that I grew up listening to, to the traditional African, folkloric, and other world music styles that I am still discovering today play a huge roll in my sound. 

2. Drums, Drums, Drums!! I love deep hard hitting percussion of all sorts and always make it a point to include it in my tracks. Drums are the heartbeat that gives my music life!

3. Music technology and gear inspire me a lot. I'm blown way by all the tools that are available to make music nowadays. I love experimenting and trying out new ways to get the sounds out of my head in into my computer, and eventually onto a dance floor somewhere in the world. 


TOP 3 places you'd love to play

I’d love to play in South America, in places like Brazil, Colombia, Peru. These areas are a huge influence in my music but I have yet to visit them, so hopefully one day ;)

TOP 3 favourite artists right now


There are so many but off the top of my head it I would say Osunlade, Africaine 808, & Culoe de Song. Loving the stuff these guys are consistently putting out. Oh and that Zepherin Saint guy is pretty good too :P


TOP 3 pieces of advice for new musicians

1, Stick to the sound that in your heart, don’t make music that you think other people will like it or because it's currently popular.

2. Stay on top of technology, keep learning and keep experimenting

3. Stay humble…..don’t be an asshole, ha!!

TOP 3 records you love to play in your sets

I actually enjoy playing some of my previous releases in my set, These always get the booties to the dancefloor and its always great to see people dancing to your music

1. Sister Pearl - Bang The Drum (Jose Marquez Remix)

2. Joe Arroyo - La Tortuga (Jose Marquez Edit)

3. Sassouma Kouyaté - Niani (Jose Marquez Mix)

TOP 3 words to describe Ode To The DJ

Thought provoking, Powerful, History

TOP 3 reasons people sound buy the track

1. I want to brag about being in the top 10

2. I need money for diapers

3. No seriously, the main reason besides its being a killer track to rock on your dance floor is that this type of music needs to be heard and spread far and wide. You most likely won’t hear this on the radio. There is enough music pollution out there being fed to us. Good music is hard to come by nowadays and as a Dj, your purchase and support of Ode to the DJ can turn someone new onto music like this. Music with a message and meaning!

Interview with Roland Clark


How did you get involved in the new version of the track? 

Zepherin (Saint) thought the track needed my unique vocal rhythms and I agreed to give it try, it all worked out in the end

What was your process of creating lyrics to accompany the already popular track? 

The energy of the track usually dictates my mood and my mood dictates my message

How would you describe the track in 3 words? 

Just like fire


Why should people buy this new version?

People should buy this track not only because it’s one of the hottest I’ve had the pleasure on recording this year but to support the genre itself. The track is def incredible, Souldynamic does it again

Interview with Pat Bedeau


Tell us a bit about 'Close To You' and how it all came together?

I work in different ways, sometimes I will work up demos and then write lyrics as I come up with them, and sometimes I will come up with lyrics and write the music around them. I always have some ideas written down. This is a track which started life as a Soulful demo I worked up with Ziggy Funk on keys back in August last year. The demo felt like it needed to be a song not just a track and I thought it would be good to get a male vocal for a change. I remembered Leon Dorrill who I met when I was working with DJ Romain from New York back in 2009. Since then Leon and I always said we should do something together. I thought this track would suit him so I called him to see if he wanted to do a session, and luckily he did. When he came up my studio to record, we instantly had a very nice vibe going. Leon’s voice really suits the soulful side of my sound. I got Ziggy in to make sure the vocals were recorded properly, in key and so the musical parts could be re-written to suit his vocals if needed. Leon's vocals worked really well with the track and it was done really quickly. We got Leon on the mic, came up with the hook and then wrote the verses. It is a pleasure to work with both Leon and Ziggy. I have been working with Ziggy for nearly 2 years now, in that time we have built a really good understanding of each other and the sound I am trying to achieve. He has great style of playing, really funky, which I love. 

Once the recording was done we went back and totally reworked the tracks to get it where it is now and I am glad we did. We also did the dub for the late night DJ's; pitched down vocals gives it a new disco feel, with the sleazy synth pads and a raw bassline, finished off the package nicely. 


Describe 'Crush' in 3 words

Great Soul Music

If you could work with one artist/producer--who would it be and why?

Louie Vega is a DJ & producer I have always admired, his work with Masters at Work, Nuyorican Soul, Elements of Life Band and now his new Album starring 28 Artists, some of his best work is on this album. He is someone I would definitely like to work with. Over 30 years of making underground hit records. I would love to be in a studio with him one day. Singer wise, it would have to be Monique Bingham, she lifts any tracks she’s featured on and is also a great writer.

If you had to give one piece of advice to any inspiring producers/DJ's or someone wanting to take the leap and develop a different sound. What would it be?

Keep it real, play or make what you love and if you work hard enough one day your sound will be what's hot. Work hard and put yourself out there, get involved in your scene. Go to the parties. You have to build up a network of promoters; labels and these days build up your own online profile too. Do you research! The industry is changing so that is a bit of a leveler for the new guys as the old guard have to learn to do things the modern way so we are all always learning. And finally: believe in yourself.  

What more can we expect from you later in the year? 

I plan to release a few tracks on my own label Bedfunk, first one is another track with Leon Dorrill called Feel The Music and another track called Brotherhood, which is more on the bumpy side. I also have a track called Mojito that is signed Ministry of Sound that will be out soon.

I have just started my new studio build so hoping to create a cool space to collaborate with even more singers and musicians. 

'Close To You' ft Leon Dorrill is out now on Traxsource

My First's w/ Filipe Narciso

First Track I remember buying

Anané Vega - Bem Ma Mi produced by Louie Vega back in 2008.

First Album I have ever bought

The First Album I bought was definitely not House Music, Back in Angola - Africa where I grew up I would listen to what they used to play on the radio stations and that was primarily Zouk Music, Kizomba , Semba etc.. 
So the First Album that I remember buying back then was Mobass presents, in 1997.

The first artist I saw live

The first artist that I remember seeing live was actually not only one but five or maybe six, it was Band called Banda Maravilha back in Angola in the 90´s.

First Beat

Wow, it was not definitely something that is NOT out on the stores… (LOL)
The first beat that I did was ALSO not a house music beat, it was a KIZOMBA beat. And that was probably in 1998.
But the first Beat that I´ve put together professionally was OLD TIMES AT BARRACUDA which ended up being NuLu Music first release back in 2009.

First place I´ve played professionally

ELINGA BAR-CLUB which is in LUANDA - ANGOLA back in 2008 or 2009


'Keep Coming' E.P. is out now on Traxsource

First's w/ Rocco

First track you remember buying


I think its Depeche Mode "Behind The Wheel" (Shep Pettibone Remix) in 1987 in a Shop in Lyon called ‘Fnac Music’

[It was such an] Amazing track I played so much that I can tell you exactly when the crack is gonna appear on my vinyl if I play it!

I was fan of Shep Pettibone’s work and remixes and in that time everything he was doing was magic for me. Respect!

First album you ever brought


Was "The Gap Band IV » album from Gap Band where you could find "Early in The Morning" Outstanding.

For me, it’s one of the best albums produced by them and the sound was dope and funky, like what Zapp Band were also doing.

I probably found it 1986 in a second hand records shop located in the center on Lyon city called "Vendredi 13", a reference to the scary movie "Friday the 13th" .

I was a bit scared to go there because the owner of this shop was an old man, who was drinking a fluorescent green tea and where a strong smell of patchouli incense was burning the all day.

I was going their every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon while others kids were playing basketball or Football. Me? I was in these shops searching for some pearls of Funk, Disco and House stuff.

First artist you saw live


I went to very few concerts until now, but I won’t forget the BBQ party of MAW in 1998 on the beach with Kenny Latimore!

It was simply a dream for me to him performing live. As an artist I was playing his music in my DJ Set like tracks like "Days Like This" or "If I Loose My Women".

First BEAT

Can’t remember I was too young (laughs) 
In my brother’s room, I was trying to play vinyls with the mixer when he wasn’t there and I was probably 12 years old

First place you played professionally

1992 in a club called "l’Empire" located in the basement of a big commercial center in Lyon where music was commercial.

We were 2 resident DJ’s and I was always opening the nights with 2 hours of music and I loved to do it especially because I was playing B-sides of vinyls which were mostly dubs of House & Garage music. 

We were sharing the night with different series of music which was great because I discovered a lot Pop, Rock & New Wave artists.

My openings sets allowed me to play on Sunday afternoons for friendly Gay Tea Dance in the same club where I really expressed myself through House music. I had the huge support from the crowd and I realised that my music selection was making people dance!

African Mermaid (Rocco Remix) is available too buy from Traxsource today.

Exclusive Interview with DJ Angelo

Tell us a bit about your newest your remix of 'African Mermaid' for Tribe Records

It's been written for 'her'. It's deep and hypnotic! 'Love is her treasure'

What was your inspiration when thinking of a way to remix the original?

In Greece we have the privilege to be able to spend a lot of time by the sea. A divine sunset during a warm summer day and you’ll think that the African Mermaid could come to you!


What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?


Every time I have traveled and played gigs has been a highlight for me. I feel blessed that I have the chance to do that.


What are the top 3 artists you’re listening to right now?


Lately I’m listening a lot of oldies. Just discovering music and samples that; even though they have been created a long time ago, sound as if they are coming from the future. 


The industry had changed lot over the past year, were do you think it will be in 3 years’ time?


I feel that the music is blending. You can listen to earthy and percussive tracks with 'harder' sounds but you can also listen to soulful music with a lot of more deeper and 'futuristic' sounds. There is an evolution that we are experiencing but we must also follow whatever is touching our soul and body! We see house DJ's playing in big festivals and venues. Spread is the word. We can keep the vibe alive not only in 3 years from now but forever.


What advice would you give anyone trying to get into the industry today?

It's a cliché but believe in yourself, work hard and have faith is what you need to move on in life.

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