Spotlight: Victor Stancov

Let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Victor Stancov, architect according to my studies, dj / wannabe producer by choice :), i'm currently based in Bucharest, Romania.  

How did he get into music?

My first contact with music was through my parents who from an early age introduced me to the likes of Peter Gabriel and the early Genesis, Yes, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis and more.

By the time i entered high school i was listening to all sorts of music, and then the rapture occurred, i was handed out a cd which had a Derrick May set on it, and that's what basically changed my whole perspective about music. a few years later i found myself having a big selection of tunes and i thought that it would be appropriate for me to start sharing my musical taste with other people.

When i got into college i got my first pair of cdjs and a mixer, and that where it all started. producing came as an extension, it gave me the opportunity to make small edits of tracks that i wanted to play out loud, but were lacking some hats, or maybe needed a more punchy kick etc.

After that i started making my own things, and then one day, i got a message from Zepherin Saint via an unknown social network that we all use (laughs) asking me for a remix.. and that's how i got in touch with Tribe. 

About his EP

My Think Twice EP started out as all of my projects start, mainly as pure random fun in my bedroom studio ( yes, i work from a so called "bedroom studio"), when i was finished playing i had some ideas that i thought would work together, and apparently they did.

Production wise i'm very inspired by two UK labels, owned by this really nice guy called Jimpster, the labels in question being FREERANGE RECORDS and DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR, mainly the more loopy earlier stuff.

What can you expect from him

Hopefully some more releases this year :) 

Fun Fact 

I am a sneakerhead. Other than that i am very dull person.

P.S. Star Wars for Life

'Think Twice' EP is out now on Traxsource