Spotlight: Bruthas

Spotlight : Bruthas

How did you get involved with Tribe Trax?

I've been a big fan of tribe since the start and really love their philosophy. Tribe Trax outlet really suits my sound so when Zepherin (Saint) asked to sign 'Don't Wait Up' I couldn't say no.

What was your process in putting the track together?

I'm a drums man so tend to start with the percussion. I then throw in loads of sounds and layers then strip it back to find the perfect groove. Once I have that I then work on the arrangement and start to add automation. When creating I gain influences from all around me normally how I feel or what I've been listening that help shape the music I make. 

Bruthas is a melting pot of genres. I try to mix the music I love in to one art form. It's a mix of Afro house, techno and deep house. 

What would you say are your influences?

Off the top of my head I’d say musical , Culoe De Song, Dixon, Aunite Flo, Fela, Manoo, Carl Craig non-musical the Sun.

An interesting fact about yourself

I love to eat jelly.

'Don't Wait Up' is out now on Traxsource