Top 3 with Souldynamic


TOP 3 influences

At the moment we’re going very deep into our music spirits, we’re influenced by every single thing is around us, nature, people, family, lovers. To be honest we’re listening to many different music styles and 3 it’s not easy to tell you the 3 main influences we have.

TOP 3 places you’ve visited

1: For sure the best place we’ve visited to dj is Southport Weekender in Butlins (Minehead UK). SPW is one of the biggest indoor place dedicated to our music, we never seen something like that in our young career. More than 6000 dancers all in one place to join Soul, R&B, House, Soulful House, Afro music with such a huge dis and live artists line up. One word: unbelievable.

2: We love London. It’s a place able to inspire us every time that we go, the vibe there is very special for us.

3: Croatia, a pristine country at the origins of its incredible future. We’ve been in Ibiza sever times but we truly believe Croatia will soon take its place for real underground music travellers who are looking for something more with music festivals. This year will be the 7th time we’ll join SuncéBeat, we never get tired of it and we’re always very excited to dj there.

TOP 3 artists of the moment for you

One of the artists of the moment for usis without doubt Ron Trent,  we love the eclecticism that he puts in every track. He’s a complete artist who takes, with great skill, the right inspirations and influences from opposing musical worlds.. This is his great potential.

Louie Vega, need of other words? Just saying, his new album is probably the best existing ‘house music opera’ on the earth.

Also there are different names that are doing really well , like Black Coffee, Djeff Afrozila, Karizma, Boddhi Satva , Atjazz, Glenn Underground.. Why? Because they making great music!

TOP 3 places you’d like to play

One of our next goal is to dj in South Africa. There’s a lot excitement around the house music scene there and we realized they are following every single release we do. Can’t really wait to go!

Berlin. Musically and artistically speaking, it is a place where DJ’s , artists, stylists are experimenting a lot, we think we soon need to go there, absolutely, to do this innovative and exciting experience.

Japan. It is a country that has always fascinated us. We performed in Asia several times, but Japan is a destination that we still have to put in our 'palmares’.

TOP 3 reasons you got into the industry

Because we always desired to transmute into reality all the musical ideas and inspirations we have in our minds! Because we want to do a job that allow us to do experiences outside the normal life and to grow better inside our souls with a different vision of the world around us. Now,with this job, we have the opportunity to tell something different and interesting to future generations. Because there is nothing better than transform your greatest passion into a real job.

3 words you'd use to describe Lato B

Different, groove, rhythm.

'Lato B' is out now on Traxsource