Exclusive Interview with DJ Angelo

Tell us a bit about your newest your remix of 'African Mermaid' for Tribe Records

It's been written for 'her'. It's deep and hypnotic! 'Love is her treasure'

What was your inspiration when thinking of a way to remix the original?

In Greece we have the privilege to be able to spend a lot of time by the sea. A divine sunset during a warm summer day and you’ll think that the African Mermaid could come to you!


What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?


Every time I have traveled and played gigs has been a highlight for me. I feel blessed that I have the chance to do that.


What are the top 3 artists you’re listening to right now?


Lately I’m listening a lot of oldies. Just discovering music and samples that; even though they have been created a long time ago, sound as if they are coming from the future. 


The industry had changed lot over the past year, were do you think it will be in 3 years’ time?


I feel that the music is blending. You can listen to earthy and percussive tracks with 'harder' sounds but you can also listen to soulful music with a lot of more deeper and 'futuristic' sounds. There is an evolution that we are experiencing but we must also follow whatever is touching our soul and body! We see house DJ's playing in big festivals and venues. Spread is the word. We can keep the vibe alive not only in 3 years from now but forever.


What advice would you give anyone trying to get into the industry today?

It's a cliché but believe in yourself, work hard and have faith is what you need to move on in life.

‘African Mermaid’ remixed by DJ Angelo & Rocco is available to buy from Traxsource today.