Top 3 with Cazz Ear (aka Shaun Samuel)

TOP 3 musical influences and why


Not solely for musical genius, but because, he was one of the first artists to bring Social Consciousness into music and injecting Social Commentary into his songs, where he touched people and gave awareness to the world of the Civil Rights movement in america, much like Martin Luther King did.Many people don’t know that he became paralysed from the neck down in 1990 when some stage equipment fell onto him during a performance, he went on to make music, and had to do that lying down, recording tracks line by line.


Miles I regard as one of the most innovative, influential and respected figures in the history of music, he re-wrote history at least 3 times over and shaped how we all listen to modern music today, if it wasn’t for Miles Davis…we wouldn’t have so many different genres and musical cultures today. The way his music evolved through the decades, showed me how he was always one step ahead of everything and everyone i have ever head, his music was more than just Jazz, it was and is, a spiritual movement, and you can hear how he has influenced sounds even to this day.


My earliest musical memory is sitting the back of of dad’s red Ford Cortina listening to Sade albums on cassette, and to this day, I have never heard a bad Sade song,ever, her musical brilliance has always touched me and legacy stays true through her ever consistent musical style, rather than though fame or good looks. I respect her fusion of styles and the emotive messages through her songs, her music has not only influenced inspires me. I love the way that you will not anything from her, for years and then she pops up with yet another killer album, speaking directly to me through her songs. 

TOP 3 places you’ve visited


It really is the centre of the universe, i felt instantly at home and cried in the taxi on the way back to JFK when i had to leave, the music, food, fashion and the vibrancy and energy of the new yorkers, was what made me fall deeply in love with the city, i would love to live there at one point of my life as i feel that it actually is, that concrete jungle where dreams are made.


I feel Prague is my second home, and when i lived there for just under 5 years, it was the best years of my life so far, the city is so enchanting and beautiful in so many ways, its no co-incidence that so many artists, poets and writers have based themselves there. Its a hub of creativity and innovative thinking, the lifestyle is so laid back and cool, I would recommend everyone to visit there. DJ’ing to the Czech crowds is an absolute joy as they are so open and welcoming, one of the best cities in Europe if not the world. 


Italy Just the natural beauty of the landscape is absolutely breathtaking, being brought up in Yorkshire, you naturally feel there is no other place as beautiful! but that part of Italy, is truly amazing, the weather, food and people are so different to other parts of Italy, I felt instantly that it was a place that I would like to retire in! There is some amazing places to visit and you feel naturally relaxed when travelling around, I also loved my visit Naples, which is an experience in itself, and musically, they love their house music!

TOP 3 places you’d like to play  

1. Shelter, New York

There is no place I have ever been like Shelter in New York. The connection Tinny Regisford has with that crowd I guess is the closest thing to what it must of been like at the Paradise Garage with Larry Levan, the crowd understand the message and feed off the energy through the speakers and you can tell that the DJ's feeding off that mutual energy and vibe. it's emtional and invigorating in a way that I have never ever experienced before. The crowd are so super musically astute and knowledgeable, friendly and I have never seen such expressive dancing ever before.

2. DJOON - Paris

This is the most iconic dance club in the world, with the people who dance there as musically knowledgable as the people who run the club, it is a serious club, with the most loyal music loving crowd on earth. Every detail is in line with what I love and what i stand for…playing at Djoon would be my ultimate dream

3. CAVO PARIDISO - Mykonos, Greece

That club is so special, with it;s outdoor element and the weather, it is a super club in every sense. The after-hours parties in the sunshine look insane and would love the chance to inject some soul through that world famous sound system.

TOP 3 pieces of advice for new musicians 

1. Educate yourself by listening closely to a wide range of music, gain influence from music from all genres and go back in time to listen to the genius of your heroes.

2. Work tirelessly on your craft, by being able to manipulate the tools and machinery available to you. I taught myself by watching Youtube tutorials and still spend hours everyday trying my best to learn new tricks and ways of creating new and unique sounds.

3. Have thick skin. You will always have people telling you that you are no good and what your doing is wrong, but stick to your guns and have faith in your vision. Be relentless in your goals and do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. Do it for yourself and not for the gratification of others or for the adulation. If you are making tracks for the love of music, there is no wrong answer.

TOP 3 words you’d use to describe 'Been Waiting’ 

1. Deep

2. Meaningful

3. Spiritual

'Been Waiting' - Cazz Ear ft Ursula Rucker is OUT NOW on Traxsource