Top 3 w/ Jose Marquez


TOP 3 influences and why?


1. The Latin and Afro-Caribbean/Tropical music that I grew up listening to, to the traditional African, folkloric, and other world music styles that I am still discovering today play a huge roll in my sound. 

2. Drums, Drums, Drums!! I love deep hard hitting percussion of all sorts and always make it a point to include it in my tracks. Drums are the heartbeat that gives my music life!

3. Music technology and gear inspire me a lot. I'm blown way by all the tools that are available to make music nowadays. I love experimenting and trying out new ways to get the sounds out of my head in into my computer, and eventually onto a dance floor somewhere in the world. 


TOP 3 places you'd love to play

I’d love to play in South America, in places like Brazil, Colombia, Peru. These areas are a huge influence in my music but I have yet to visit them, so hopefully one day ;)

TOP 3 favourite artists right now


There are so many but off the top of my head it I would say Osunlade, Africaine 808, & Culoe de Song. Loving the stuff these guys are consistently putting out. Oh and that Zepherin Saint guy is pretty good too :P


TOP 3 pieces of advice for new musicians

1, Stick to the sound that in your heart, don’t make music that you think other people will like it or because it's currently popular.

2. Stay on top of technology, keep learning and keep experimenting

3. Stay humble…..don’t be an asshole, ha!!

TOP 3 records you love to play in your sets

I actually enjoy playing some of my previous releases in my set, These always get the booties to the dancefloor and its always great to see people dancing to your music

1. Sister Pearl - Bang The Drum (Jose Marquez Remix)

2. Joe Arroyo - La Tortuga (Jose Marquez Edit)

3. Sassouma Kouyaté - Niani (Jose Marquez Mix)

TOP 3 words to describe Ode To The DJ

Thought provoking, Powerful, History

TOP 3 reasons people sound buy the track

1. I want to brag about being in the top 10

2. I need money for diapers

3. No seriously, the main reason besides its being a killer track to rock on your dance floor is that this type of music needs to be heard and spread far and wide. You most likely won’t hear this on the radio. There is enough music pollution out there being fed to us. Good music is hard to come by nowadays and as a Dj, your purchase and support of Ode to the DJ can turn someone new onto music like this. Music with a message and meaning!