My First's w/ Filipe Narciso

First Track I remember buying

Anané Vega - Bem Ma Mi produced by Louie Vega back in 2008.

First Album I have ever bought

The First Album I bought was definitely not House Music, Back in Angola - Africa where I grew up I would listen to what they used to play on the radio stations and that was primarily Zouk Music, Kizomba , Semba etc.. 
So the First Album that I remember buying back then was Mobass presents, in 1997.

The first artist I saw live

The first artist that I remember seeing live was actually not only one but five or maybe six, it was Band called Banda Maravilha back in Angola in the 90´s.

First Beat

Wow, it was not definitely something that is NOT out on the stores… (LOL)
The first beat that I did was ALSO not a house music beat, it was a KIZOMBA beat. And that was probably in 1998.
But the first Beat that I´ve put together professionally was OLD TIMES AT BARRACUDA which ended up being NuLu Music first release back in 2009.

First place I´ve played professionally

ELINGA BAR-CLUB which is in LUANDA - ANGOLA back in 2008 or 2009


'Keep Coming' E.P. is out now on Traxsource