Interview with Pat Bedeau


Tell us a bit about 'Close To You' and how it all came together?

I work in different ways, sometimes I will work up demos and then write lyrics as I come up with them, and sometimes I will come up with lyrics and write the music around them. I always have some ideas written down. This is a track which started life as a Soulful demo I worked up with Ziggy Funk on keys back in August last year. The demo felt like it needed to be a song not just a track and I thought it would be good to get a male vocal for a change. I remembered Leon Dorrill who I met when I was working with DJ Romain from New York back in 2009. Since then Leon and I always said we should do something together. I thought this track would suit him so I called him to see if he wanted to do a session, and luckily he did. When he came up my studio to record, we instantly had a very nice vibe going. Leon’s voice really suits the soulful side of my sound. I got Ziggy in to make sure the vocals were recorded properly, in key and so the musical parts could be re-written to suit his vocals if needed. Leon's vocals worked really well with the track and it was done really quickly. We got Leon on the mic, came up with the hook and then wrote the verses. It is a pleasure to work with both Leon and Ziggy. I have been working with Ziggy for nearly 2 years now, in that time we have built a really good understanding of each other and the sound I am trying to achieve. He has great style of playing, really funky, which I love. 

Once the recording was done we went back and totally reworked the tracks to get it where it is now and I am glad we did. We also did the dub for the late night DJ's; pitched down vocals gives it a new disco feel, with the sleazy synth pads and a raw bassline, finished off the package nicely. 


Describe 'Crush' in 3 words

Great Soul Music

If you could work with one artist/producer--who would it be and why?

Louie Vega is a DJ & producer I have always admired, his work with Masters at Work, Nuyorican Soul, Elements of Life Band and now his new Album starring 28 Artists, some of his best work is on this album. He is someone I would definitely like to work with. Over 30 years of making underground hit records. I would love to be in a studio with him one day. Singer wise, it would have to be Monique Bingham, she lifts any tracks she’s featured on and is also a great writer.

If you had to give one piece of advice to any inspiring producers/DJ's or someone wanting to take the leap and develop a different sound. What would it be?

Keep it real, play or make what you love and if you work hard enough one day your sound will be what's hot. Work hard and put yourself out there, get involved in your scene. Go to the parties. You have to build up a network of promoters; labels and these days build up your own online profile too. Do you research! The industry is changing so that is a bit of a leveler for the new guys as the old guard have to learn to do things the modern way so we are all always learning. And finally: believe in yourself.  

What more can we expect from you later in the year? 

I plan to release a few tracks on my own label Bedfunk, first one is another track with Leon Dorrill called Feel The Music and another track called Brotherhood, which is more on the bumpy side. I also have a track called Mojito that is signed Ministry of Sound that will be out soon.

I have just started my new studio build so hoping to create a cool space to collaborate with even more singers and musicians. 

'Close To You' ft Leon Dorrill is out now on Traxsource