First's w/ Rocco

First track you remember buying


I think its Depeche Mode "Behind The Wheel" (Shep Pettibone Remix) in 1987 in a Shop in Lyon called ‘Fnac Music’

[It was such an] Amazing track I played so much that I can tell you exactly when the crack is gonna appear on my vinyl if I play it!

I was fan of Shep Pettibone’s work and remixes and in that time everything he was doing was magic for me. Respect!

First album you ever brought


Was "The Gap Band IV » album from Gap Band where you could find "Early in The Morning" Outstanding.

For me, it’s one of the best albums produced by them and the sound was dope and funky, like what Zapp Band were also doing.

I probably found it 1986 in a second hand records shop located in the center on Lyon city called "Vendredi 13", a reference to the scary movie "Friday the 13th" .

I was a bit scared to go there because the owner of this shop was an old man, who was drinking a fluorescent green tea and where a strong smell of patchouli incense was burning the all day.

I was going their every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon while others kids were playing basketball or Football. Me? I was in these shops searching for some pearls of Funk, Disco and House stuff.

First artist you saw live


I went to very few concerts until now, but I won’t forget the BBQ party of MAW in 1998 on the beach with Kenny Latimore!

It was simply a dream for me to him performing live. As an artist I was playing his music in my DJ Set like tracks like "Days Like This" or "If I Loose My Women".

First BEAT

Can’t remember I was too young (laughs) 
In my brother’s room, I was trying to play vinyls with the mixer when he wasn’t there and I was probably 12 years old

First place you played professionally

1992 in a club called "l’Empire" located in the basement of a big commercial center in Lyon where music was commercial.

We were 2 resident DJ’s and I was always opening the nights with 2 hours of music and I loved to do it especially because I was playing B-sides of vinyls which were mostly dubs of House & Garage music. 

We were sharing the night with different series of music which was great because I discovered a lot Pop, Rock & New Wave artists.

My openings sets allowed me to play on Sunday afternoons for friendly Gay Tea Dance in the same club where I really expressed myself through House music. I had the huge support from the crowd and I realised that my music selection was making people dance!

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