Top 3 Interview with Spellband

Top 3 of your musical influences and why

Soul - Funky - Disco
The three of them represent our roots, the music we grew up with e and we got our inspirations from, the likes of Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, shaped our music.

Top 3 places you’ve played

Neuhm Napoli - Supperclub Amsterdam - Room 26 Rome

TOP 3 places you’d like to play (and why)

Ibiza - South Africa - UK
We believe South Africa is currently the heaven of afro house music scene, the music movement is huge and dance music is a national culture, so it would just be amazing to play in such an environment with such vibes and enthusiasm, not to mention the incredible inspiration we would get by listening or playing along local djs

Ibiza is where each dj should have a chance to play at least once, we still haven't had the chance to do it but it’s definitely on our radars. When we visit and go clubbing over there the crowd is mixed, colourful and incredibly engaged with the music, that place has its own magic and you can’t help but feel dragged along by it

Uk is the place where styles and trends are dictated, where creativity runs free, in music and all arts alike, and it would be a life changing experience to be able to play in legendary clubs such as Ministry of Sound, as well as in an underground small club or in a loft where many times, unexpectedly, we found the perfect sound or the new up and coming dj that blew us off: just inspiration at every corner.

TOP 3 artists you'd like to work with (and why)

Ron Trent - He is a musical hero, an artist so complete and eclectic that it would would be a great achievement, not to say a honour, for us to spend time in the studio with him.

Joe Claussel - Joe is magic, we respect him as a musician and as a dj, his sets are mesmerising, you can tell he feels his music and he infuses it to the crowd

Louie Vega - We were lucky enough to work with Louie Vega, remixing for Vega Records, but haven’t had the chance to have a studio session with him, which would be amazing, he has been our mentor and inspiration since the beginning of our careers, he is simply a world class artist

TOP 3 records you like to play in your sets Club Lonely (Lil Louis)

Spellband Euphoria (Madhouse Rec) Beth Orton Central Reservation (Ibadan)

TOP 3 reasons people should buy Keep It Up

Our hard work - The amazing voice - The capturing beats

Keep it up is elegant, graceful but strong, Marissa’s beautiful voice just glides through the beats and blends beautifully. It was such a pleasure working with her, we admire her since she worked with Black Coffee on ‘Time to go’. On this track we brought our musical roots into a complex afro beat with some electro deep influences and live instruments (guitars, percussions)