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Brewed Souls
Undenzeni Na


Brewed Souls are a deep house duo from South Africa who’ve worked with quality local and international artists such as Dolls Combers, MJ White, Andy Compton, Tantra Zawadi and Donald Sheffey.  Their first EP ‘Soul Brewed’ on Peng Africa featured four original pieces, one of which charted at number 1 on the Afro Essentials Chart on  This opened international doors for the duo and they have gone on to release with labels like Lilac Jeans Records and Plastik People Digital.  They’ve had tracks featured on compilations like ‘House Afrika Sessions 4’ (and the subsequent volumes 5, 6 and 7), ‘Deep From The Motherland Vol 1 Mixed by DJ Christos and Dino Michael’, ‘House Afrika In2deep Mixed By EnoSoul’, ‘House Afrika Sessions 5 Disc 2 Mixed by Tim White’, ‘DJ All Stars Mixed By Deejay Malankane, Miggs , Funky Deepstar’ and many others.  They’ve also done remixes e.g. ‘Dolls Combers Feat. Dawn Williams - That’s the way I love you (Brewed Souls Afro galaxy mix)’ and have performed alongside DJs including Christos, Vinny Da Vinci, Lars Behrenroth, Black Coffee, Harrison Crump and Culoe De Song amongst many others.

Their latest release on Tribe Records ‘Undenzeni Na’ is inspired by a relationship where one person loves more then the other. Ultimately one party feels powerless and sacrifices their happiness to satisfy the happiness of the other, despite the pain.

Written By: Brewed Souls
Produced By: Brewed Souls
Lyrics By: Russell
Vocals By: Russell

Published by: Tribe Music Publishing

Mastered at: Earthworks Studio

Executive Producer and A&R Zepherin Saint

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