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Cazz Ear & Natasha Kitty Katt

Birthday Of Blackness


Cazz Ear and Natasha Kitty Katt were both raised separately on a diet of rare soul, funk, boogie and disco.  Jazz also played a part in their respective histories – Cazz Ear toured with a 3-piece Jazz band all over Central Europe whilst Natasha was heavily influenced by her jazz musician Grandfather.  Together they decided to create something that accentuated that vibe but with a modern twist.  This is the background to “Birthday Of Blackness” - inspired by both Nina Simone and current, global social unrest – capturing the essence of Nina and enveloping it into a dancefloor track.

The Club mix is jumping whilst the Lounge mix is more laid back - emphasizing the Nina Simone spoken word element.

Artist Name: Cazz Ear & Natasha Kitty Katt

Title: Birthday Of Blackness

Production by: Cazz Ear & Natasha Kitty Katt

Mastered at: Earthworks Studio

Executive Producer and A&R: Zepherin Saint

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