Music Is My Life
Teddy Douglas, Marcell Russell

TRIBE054 | 2013-10-14

DJ Reactions: 

Jazzie B - Feeling this!!
Danny Krivit - Love it :)
Tyrone Francis - dope! Just Dope.....
Djeff - I love this EP. Welcome Teddy
Groove Assassin - 10/10 pure quality Teddy brings the soulful goodness !!
Justin Imperiale - This is how its done. Teddy is bringing something refreshing to my ears. It feels good...
Lou Gorbea - Wicked Track......A Mos Def Play
Soul Dynamic - Teddy is on top like always! This two tracks are dope! can't wait to play them! 
Jihad Muhummad - Really Diggin " It Feels Good ". 
Booker T - Wicked Tune Will support....disco soul with A Live Feel

Daft Punk and Nile Rogers sure aren't the only ones who know how to get 'lucky' with funky guitar riffs and twenty-first-century disco beats.. Teddy Douglas is a producer who has worked with the best, from Michael Jackson and Martha Wash to Erykah Badu and Ultra Nate, working solo and as one of Baltimore's legendary Basement Boys, so he sure knows his way around a studio. Here the world-renowned DJ-producer lets rip with a three-song EP that takes its inspiration from the era when he was first really getting into music and deejaying in the late '70s and early '80s. Just wait till you hear how mighty fine this music is.

The EP opens up with 'Land of Love', a utopian dream of a love song that's swept away on a wave of warm strings, conga beats, piano riffs, lovely bursts of trumpet flugel horn and especially Marcell Russell's evocative and gospel soul-soaked vocals, inviting his partner to 'walk with me in the land of love....'
'Where love is what you learn and teach
Where "possible" is in your reach
Where dancing needs no beat or sound
Where melodies are all around...'

Are you ready to party now? Good, 'cos' 'My Lady' gets funky from the get-go, an uptempo paean to a lusciously dreamy partner which, like the other two tracks on the EP, is co-written by Douglas, singer Marcell Russell and his musicians. 

'If it feels good' is a wonderful instrumental boogie tune that sounds a little like Grover Washington Jr, George Benson and friends kicking back and getting loose in the studio. Jazzy keyboard, bass, sax and guitar solos are layered over a conga and kick-drum beat which builds beautifully, with plenty of Philly-style horns and hi-hats for good measure. At Tribe we only have one problem with the track: it finishes too soon! 

Writing & Production
All songs produced By Teddy Douglas & Marcell Russell
All songs Published by Basement Boys Music 2013 ASCAP
Vocals by Marcell Russell

Land of love
Drums and percussion -Teddy Douglas
Electric piano & Marimba -Hozay Clowney
Trumpet Flugel horn- Benny Cowan
Background Vocals-Wayne Cooper, Teddy Douglas
Lead Vocals_ Marcell Russell

My Lady
Drums and Percussion -Teddy Douglas , Cj Bennett jr
Guitars_Wayne Cooper
Trumpet_Benny Cowan
Flute and keyboards _ Mike
Bass_ Gerald Richardson

If it feels good
Drums_ Cj Bennett jr.
Keyboards _Hozay Clowney
Percussion _MAMI DI
Guitar- Bags and Austin
Horns_ Brandon Moultrie and Patrick Harrison
Bass_ Gerald Richardson

Executive Producer - Dean Zepherin