Mombasa EP
Paki Palmieri

TRIBE048 | 2013-07-15

DJ Reactions: 

Rocco - Really feelin Forest Step and will def play it !
Soul Dynamic - Massive Ep! Love these afro vibes! Words of Pray is hot!! 
full support from us!
Jose Marquez - ribe delivers a package of percussive bombs to prepare you for battle on the dance floor and ensure victory. Loving it, thanks!
Groove Assasin - No let up from Tribe ...this BANGS ! 
Josh Milan - Tribe does it again!
Justin Imperiale - Dope...Will be rockin Forest's Step for sure! Full support!
Stan Zeff - Slammin Afromix
Tyrone Francis - Nice Package as always, keep them coming full support.

Paki Palmieri is a composer, percussionist and producer from Naples who's been playing and performing since the age of ten. 
Im a percussionist so I really love Africa,'he says, 'and I love African music because it is a model for musical culture all over the world.' He started out playing with rock, jazz and folk bands and working closely with Italian composers until he developed a passion for electronic music. 

As a percussionist he's toured in Russia, Europe and Africa and played alongside artists such as Billy Cobham, Nan Vasconcelos, Nour Eddine Fatty, and Jamal Ouassini, and these tours led to him working with DJ-producers on the house scene, including Claudio Coccoluto, Joe T Vannelli, Alex Neri and Kenny Carpenter. It was during his many trips in Africa that he built up relationships that enabled him to record Masai ritual chants near Mombasa in Kenya. 

The EP opens with the club mix of 'Words of Pray', a stunning track which delivers the polyrhythms you'd expect of a drummer and percussionist, overlaid with chants from Masai tribesmen which are taken from a ritual work song. These were recorded in 'a little hut on a laptop computer with many makeshift microphones', giving this the kind of intensity and 'realness' that used to be celebrated in hip hop. The 'Afromix' version forefronts these Swahili vocals alongside 1980s electro-inspired synth sounds - the two versions will make an amazing peak-time mix! 

'Forest's Step' utilizes spoken word and ritual chants about love over fat bass drums, rippling percussive loops and the rattle of cicadas, while 'Ritual of Love' builds and builds until it's good and ready to brings in the songs and chatter of Masai children as they also talk about love. Paki Palmieri has previously released a heap of tracks on labels like Absolutely, Network and Hideout Records and we're delighted to welcome him to Tribe Records with this wonderful EP

Writing & Production
Produced ,arranged and mixed by Paki Palmieri & D'Arpino @ Geko soundlab -Cassino(italy)
Paki Palmieri -acoustic and electronic percussions , inspirational vox
Masai tribe of kenya -ritual chants
Piergiorgio D'Arpino - programming, keyboards , live bass
Executive Producer Dean Zepherin