Nathan Adams, Zepherin Saint

TRIBE001 | 2009-04-06

We are Tribe Records a brand new label representing electronic dance music with a strong worldly and soulful influence. Uniting cultural musical disciplines with dance Tribe holds no boundaries in its efforts to make its...

.. mark in the world of music.

.. mark in the world of music. Releases will feature vocals, deep percussive instrumentals, unique solo tracks aimed for dance floor highlights in DJ sets and your i-pod listening pleasure. Our first release, Nathan Adams & Zepherin Saint - Circles, features newly discovered nineteen year old vocal talent, Nathan Adams and West London producer Zepherin Saint who collaborated in the summer of last year and the pair hit it off immediately with ‘Circles’ becoming the first fruits of their labour. An underground anthem was born and now 6 months on has received great support across the globe from the most respected soulful and deep house DJ’s in the business. The vocal mix features gorgeous keys with echoes of haunting synth waves, understated bass and intricate percussive beats provide the perfect platform for Nathan's delicious soulful voice and then you have the Instrumental Mix which is the perfect dj tool and well worth exploring! Our ethos at TRIBE is to deliver quality music with no compromising on the soul. If we feel it, we release it. Blues and Soul enthused ‘this is simply stunning With roots in Gospel and toes well and truly dipped in broken beat, dubstep, hip-hop and R&B, this former UK Unsigned finalist is deffinitely one worth checking out.’ Here's a few comments on our first release from those in the know around the globe... Jihad Muhammad - Thanks for the song. i heard ian friday play this saturday night. this jam is really hot. big ups to the tribe records crew.....keep up the good work. Luis Radio (Italy) - Very hot favourite is vocal and production...can't wait to play it over the weekend Dalminjo (Papa Records) - The circles vocal mix goes right into my bag. just my kind of stuff. loved it from the first note. Domu - The one for me....nathan brown circles – full vocal, my god. great voice, would love to work with him. lovely song, great production and sweet voice. will be included in my carefully chosen house records for a while to come. all the best with it and many thanks for the tuuuuuuune! Rocco (Rodamaal) - amazing production on !especially "nathan brown circles – full vocal " really nice soufull deep house production ! thanks for it , i love it !!!! has featured on a guest mix for ben watt’s galaxy fm show DJ Pope - The circles is off da meters. played both on my radio show got good response favorite is cicrles,i am a sucker for good vocals Phil Asher - This song is fire, i'm off to tokyo this afternoon, and i'm taking them with me, cant wait to play it loud, circles is a killer. Master Kev (NYC) - i have been running "circles" like mad Pablo Martinez - nice package will be supporting the nathan & zepherin saint circles… Halo (City Deep Music) - Really feeling the 'Circles' – full vocal nice afro beat