Top 3 with Alex Finkin

TOP 3 musical influences and why

Classical music cause i was raised by parents who would spend all of their free time listening to romantic music, especially piano works, and also would bring me to the concert at the earliest age.

British pop & rock music from the 60' & 70', cause it was a deep breath in my musical education.  These artists went seeking for new landscapes, new shades, new flavors, and mixed it all up, heroes of their time despite of social & racial restrictions.

R'n'b, Soul, Dance music from the same decades. It was a huge slap in my face, Stevie Wonder, Aretha, Marvin, Donny, Michael, so many i would love to mention. Just loved everything about it, the beats, the harmonies, the melodies, the feeling & the sound of it, everything. I am still struggling to blend in between those 3 major influences in all of my productions


TOP 3 places you’ve visited

Amazon Forest, Shara Desert, The Virgin Islands

TOP 3 places you’d like to play

Japan, West Africa, Ibiza

TOP 3 artists of the moment for you

If i only could answer...

TOP 3 pieces of advice for new musicians

Leave your ego at the door

Work even more

Go listen to all kind of music


TOP 3 records you like to play in your sets

I would list 3 classical tracks we've played at the Djoon for years and that i think would well define what i love about House music they still sound fresh to my ears...

1- Shaun Escoffery - Days Like This (Dj Spinna Remix)

2- Maxwell - Till' The Cops Come Knocking (Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios Remix)

3- Bebe Winans - Thank You (MAW remix)


TOP 3 reasons people should buy I'm Leaving

It's authentic music crafted with love

Vanina (Pietri) has a great voice

If they do buy it, they will support our work and we will produce more in the near future


You can buy 'I'm Leaving' - Alex Finkin ft Vanina Pietri today from Traxsource