Afro Hard Moon Rocket & Romero Remixes
SwiftTheo Lawson

TRIBE077 | 2014-08-11

Tribe is pleased to deliver a new set of mixes to the hit Afro Hard' released late last year. 
New remixes come from the NYC's Hector Romero & Moon Rocket. 
Afro Hard' doesn't hold back, riding a stomping drumbeat from the get-go, with just a richly resonant, echo-laden African voice intones a message about the importance of love, tolerance and interdependence ('Why should we hate? We didn't bring anything to this world and we will never take anything back')* while the percussive riffs, the keyboards and the track builds round them. And it keeps on building, adding layers of Theo Lawson's sung vocals, African and Latin-influenced percussion and inventive freestyle keyboard melodies that make it a great instrumental too.
* This comes from the translation, naturally

Writing & Production
Remix & Additional Production by
Raffa Scoccia aka Moon Rocket for Onice & Hector Romero for Def Mix Productions
Percussion by David Morales for Def Mix Productions
Mixed at Osio Studio, NY
Remix dedicated to the loving memory of Frankie Knuckles