Let The Music Play - Claude Monnet Remixes
DJ Angelo

TRIBE062 | 2013-12-23

Claude Monnet's remix of Timmy Regisford's 'At The Club' was one of Tribe's thrills of the summer, and it wasn't only us that loved his mix. We saw those club crowds going crazy to it, and Traxsource recorded the top-of-the-charts love that dancers shared by buying the track. So we jumped at the chance when Monnet offered to take us on some fresh journeys with DJ Angelo's 'Let The Music Play', a track which has been more than a little popular in its own right this summer...

Claude Monnet grabs hold of 'Let The Music Play' and ever-so-gently tears it apart, remaking it with an electro-techno bassline that'll shake a lot more than your booty and adding a brilliant series of uplifting synthpop-style keyboard loops that you'll want to hear again and again, all the while giving Tasita's powerful vocal all the room it needs to really reverberate around the room. 

And he had so much fun doing so that he wanted to have another go, which is how the instrumental and dub mixes were conceived. These are propelled by an ever-building, darkly-instrumental loop that's almost 'War of the Worlds' in its intensity, and then halfway through the dub those uplifting synth-pop keyboard riffs come in (you'll want to hear them again and again!)... Naturally you won't hear any of the vocal on these mixes. Nor the classic LTMP melody either. But our guess is that you won't miss it in amongst the echoes and dub-wise production. 

Writing & Production
Written by: Chris Barbosa & Ed Chisholm
Lead Vocal & Backing Vocal by TASITA D'MOUR
Additional Backing Vocals by MATT HOY
Remix and added production by CLAUDE MONNET. 
Mixed and mastered by Claude Monnet at BACK TO FUNDAMENTALS Studio. Keyboard by Sebass.
Executive Producer: Dean Zepherin